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Covid Update September, 2021: Your safety and the safety of our staff continues to be of utmost concern and our in-clinic availability is reduced to allow for physical distancing and appropriate cleaning between patients. Visits are by appointment only. Please see our full COVID safety protocols here.

For in-clinic appointments: Please arrive NO MORE THAN 5 minutes before your appointment and wait at our clinic door (suite 202). No knock needed. We are busy cleaning in-between patients and we will greet you and let you in at your scheduled appointment time.

** Please bring a FACE MASK and SHOES & SHORTS **

Dana Hall is a Certified Pedorthist who joined SoleFit in 2009. Combining her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with prior experience working in a physiotherapy clinic and in footwear retail, she strives to find the root cause of an issue in order to help her clients get back to doing what they love. With a background in team sports, including over ten years of competitive hockey, she assesses and treats clients with a wide variety of injuries. She has a particular interest in pediatrics, postpartum women, and those new to sport/physical activity. She has also been involved with the Pedorthic Association of Canada as a practicum supervisor for pedorthic students, authoring a portion of the Clinical Practice Guidelines, and regularly participates in professional development opportunities offered through the association. With her competitive sport days now behind her, Dana spends most of her time outside of SoleFit outdoors chasing her two young sons.

Dana Hall is a Certified Pedorthist who joined SoleFit in 2009. Combining her Bachelors degree in... Read More

Neil Rosenthal has been a Certified Pedorthist at SoleFit since 2006 who passionately believes in a healthy active life at any age. Neil has been analyzing biomechanics, fitting footwear and recommending pedorthic treatment and making orthotics for over 15 years. He approaches treatment by looking at the big picture with healthy long term objectives for his patients. He uses a holistic lens to view a patient’s potential for both short and ultimately best long term natural function and optimization through movement, lifestyle and best habits. As an ideal objective his goal is to help his clients restore natural, ideal gait by evaluating all aspects of activity, work ergonomics, modern footwear complications, and poor adaptation to our modern living environments. He is also a Primal Health Coach trained to pay focus on fitness, nutrition, optimal performance and lifestyle factors through an evolutionary lens, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. In pursuit of a wide breadth of holistic application he is also certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the Chek Institute. He has been coaching athletes and individuals on training, nutrition and performance since 2012 including coach of a speed and endurance program at a local CrossFit gym. Active himself, Neil has a long history in endurance sports (20+ triathlons, 7 marathons with a PB of 2:51, including Boston in 2011, 6 ultra marathons up to 100km, and Spartan races) and an avid trail runner and CrossFitter. Neil is a proud father of two kids and is motivated to pass on the same enthusiasm to his children for healthy, active living in the outdoors while balancing ideal lifestyles to reach our full potential. You can generally find him barefoot, on a yoga mat holding a kettlebell in some new odd position.

Neil Rosenthal has been a Certified Pedorthist at SoleFit since 2006 who passionately believes i... Read More

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